KT vs Training

KT, or knowledge transfer, is popular in some organisations, but what does it really entail? It should,as the name implies, be a process whereby specialist knowledge is shared. Unfortunately, in most cases there will be some kind of presentation with little opportunity for examining  just how much knowledge has actually been transferred.

Training, on the other hand, involves participation by the trainee in the learning process. The traditional format will give the learner opportunities for testing how much they have learnt.

Knowledge is the currency of power and a vital aspect of most businesses. Expecting employees to voluntarily relinquish the knowledge they have worked so hard to acquire, might prove problematic. Some people might genuinely want to share knowledge, but not have the presentation skills to make that happen. Others might go through the motions, because that’s what management expects and their PowerPoint slides will look slick as they rattle through them.

Austerity cuts have reduced the workforce in many organisations  to critical levels. Not only do employees have to perform their own duties, but they now have to take on the duties of those who have been made redundant. Often the handover has been perfunctory and vital aspects of the work might not have been made clear. It is to the credit of those remaining that they are able to fill in the gaps in their knowledge with little assistance or proper training.



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