11.3 Blood Sugar Reading

So 11.3 is not good. But the long term goal is still in place. I intend to use the 8 week diet programme to get my blood sugar levels back to normal.

Planning to start the 8 week diet after St Patrick’s day might seem weird, but realistically there are too many celebratory occasions in the period leading up to and including the 17th March. To reduce the chance of failure, I will set aside an 8 week period when there are the least temptations .

Obviously, if I keep finding excuses to put off dieting, they will have to install a winch above our sofa. The cycling seems to be getting easier; pedalling along the Lisburn Road in wintry conditions is fine. In through the nose, out through the mouth and the scarf knotted high on my neck. No Sir Bradley, but comfortably dressed as I tootle along life’s highway.

I should avoid stress wherever possible, advises Dr Mosley in his book. Now that I have completed my online annual return for Companies House, I can feel the stress levels dipping. Being busy is not the same as being stressed, but I sometimes lack the patience to plod through mundane bureaucratic tasks, and rush to get the job done. Web filing my annual return was a bit like that.




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