Compulsion – Obsession

Preparing myself mentally for the challenge ahead, I have done some soul searching. Realising that I do not hold any religious feelings or faith, does not mean that I am excluded from the act of self examination.

I like the theory, put forward by a neuroscientisr in a book I am dipping into, that emotions can drown out the self. In other words, some intense experience, such as fear or elation, can push the cognitive aspects of our consciousness to the background. This theory, in conjunction with the notion that emotions play a part in our subconscious judgement calls (an emotional tiller) makes a lot of sense.

With all that in mind, I am aware that Lent is passing me by. My sacrifice will occur in mid March, after my birthday visit to my mother, and after St Patrick’s day, which as an Anglo-Celt, I am duty-bound to celebrate.

My relationship with food and drink is fairly typical. I reward myself or comfort myself with whatever substance is going to do it for me, and seems appropriate to the occasion.

Popcorn and oatcakes are fairly harmless, but vino collapso and nachos with sour cream and salsa is also nice…tonight’s salad is accompanied by a cheeky little Sauvignon Blanc followed by some of my homemade oaty biscuits and a rather ripe blue cheese.




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