Shatter loses his seat

Cameron woke to the headlines he had dreaded “No Clear Majority in Sight”. The election was over, and the counting was in progress.

Kenny’s Fine Gael party, which had been in coalition with Labour, looked as if they were heading for a hung parliament or Dáil. Despite Cameron’s letter of support to his friend across the sea, Enda was in a pickle. Was there no justice in reaching out to offer the hand of friendship from one leader to another in the hope of continuing good relations?

Justice had been in the hands of Fine Gael’s Alan Shatter, but he was gone. The ordinary working people of Ireland had not prospered, despite Ireland being the fastest growing economy in the Eurozone for the last two years.

Cameron looked at his green, energy smoothie and grimaced. His personal trainer had dictated the new dietary regime including this Kale, frozen banana and almond milk concoction. He reached for the granola bar and took another sip of Earl Grey.




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