Referendum overload

A momentous decision is facing the people of the UK, whether to continue watching puffed up politicians on TV spout their own version of the truth about staying in the EU, or turn over and watch the football.

There is a terrible guilt about no longer being prepared to hear the EU arguments debated, a bit like turning over when  charity appeals for disaster relief donations are on the telly, or when gruesome images of some atrocity get given too much air time.

Most people are fed up with the scaremongering on both sides of the EU debate and are looking for some bullet point version of the arguments. But since nobody ever agrees about economic forecasts, most of the figures bandied about by campaigners can be taken with a pinch of salt.

Those who think we can enter and leave the EU by a swing door without penalty, need to think again. The UK’s opt out of the single currency and negotiated rebates of contributions won’t be on the table if we have to re-apply for membership. There is no guarantee the EU would even want us back on any terms.

Greater immigration control and the right not to pass European laws might sway the majority in support of leaving, but I’m hoping that cooler heads will decide that our continued membership of the EU makes us stronger economically, diplomatically and culturally.




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