What cide are you on?

Matricide is frowned upon from Bombay to Brazil

They’ve other fish to fry and other folk to kill

From Bethlehem to Amritsar motherhood’s held dear

Don’t be worried mothers and put away your fear

We’ve locked up all our weapons, our mission one of peace

We only kill your bastard sons to make the killing cease

How can that be evil, how can that be wrong?

We strangle opposition and sing a happy song

Knowing that our might is right, we march towards the Somme

And sometimes in the dark of night we plant a deadly bomb

Just to keep our spirits high and watch it on TV

Shouting out to comrades “that was you and me!”.

Others try to thwart our plans by laying down their arms

And going back to jobs they had in factories and farms

Pretending that the war is won and everything’s alright

Giving up the struggle, jacking in the fight

Come on, give it one more push to see it to the end

The grave will welcome all of us, and Death will be our friend



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