Boots and Suits and a Marquee

There is a family wedding approaching and the miscreant needs a suit. He thought about a tenner should do it…but then he has a wicked sense of humour and a wallet that stays at home.

I will be wearing something dapper from M&S that is machine-washable with my comfortable black shoes. I do have a pair of shiny (parade ground shiny) black shoes, but they pinch across the arches of my wide (ish) feet.

Women in general don’t seem to mind if they are wearing cripplingly painful shoes, as long as they look the business. This masochistic trend may hark back to the binding of feet and the enticing aroma of cheese. On the other hand…some women are simply prepared to suffer more for fashion than men.

A Marquee is a nice idea and should create the ideal setting for the wedding celebrations.



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