Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

My niece’s wedding was beautiful. The bride looked amazing as did her entourage. A character called George was central to the occasion and featured in a speech made by the groom’s grandfather.

2016-09-03 15.11.10

The church service had just the right amount of informality to put everyone at their ease and celebrate the marriage of two lovely people. The marquee annexed the bride’s family home and provided the perfect setting for the meal and the dancing that followed. My brother and sister-in-law have done a huge amount of planning to make sure that everything went smoothly.

I performed some weird form of punk dancing with my young nieces after I had consumed more alcohol than I had intended. That signalled the end of my partying and a taxi was ordered for me, my wife and the miscreant. The wedding party continued with guests invited for brunch. Seasoned party animals will not have slept much and it is a shame we had to leave early, but us older folk need our sleep.


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