Tortured words

I read a lot of work emails and am often puzzled by the writing style of those who have English as their first language. It is as if the writer is trying to impress the reader with some weird sentence construction or a choice of words that does not fit the intended meaning.

Pedantry is pointless, and, although the overuse of lowercase characters is irritating, i personally don’t mind too much. But if you swallow the dictionary and spew out meaningless twaddle, do not expect me to be impressed.

Smiley faces…really to a complete stranger? But maybe I complain too much when I can reply without any difficulty and a touch of informality doesn’t hurt anyone. If you need a speedy reply, adding URGENT !!!!! won’t do any good. A lot of employment agencies think that flagging their emails as of High Importance will get them preferential treatment…no.




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