Zen or Phobia

Conservatives are patting themselves on the back. They have a leader they can rally behind and a party that puts UK citizens first. Their slogan “A country that works for everyone” sounds egalitarian, but if you substituted any consumer product for the word ‘country’ it becomes more obviously trite. A toilet that works for everyone is what you would expect a toilet to do as a bare minimum

Mesmerised by such slogans and rhetoric, the country can be steered towards the right. Foreign doctors, students and low paid workers are first in the firing line to get immigration numbers down. Forget about their contribution to society both economic and cultural, just make sure they leave without making a fuss.

None of our leaders are in danger of winning the Nobel Peace Prize. We send our soldiers into battle poorly equipped on drugs that may damage their health and in countries which pose no threat to our national security. In fact the military campaigns that the UK conducts in the Middle East are the cause of terrorist threats in the UK.

Our government’s history in the Middle East is disastrous. Having lied to Jews and Arabs over Palestine, we now watch as Israel disregards international law and continues to build settlements in the occupied territories whilst bulldozing the homes of Palestinians.

Our strategy in  Iraq and Syria has only led to misery for the populations of those countries. Do we help the refugees by offering shelter? No, we encourage them to stay near the war zones and wait for peace so that they can go back to their bombed out homes.

The white caps working to rescue people from bomb sites are in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize. I wish our politicians had some of their humanity that we could be proud of.


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