Shocking Stuff

I am in danger of following a theme, but don’t worry that won’t last long. My latest draft poem is a dig at prose poetry and the scatter gun approach to writing, where spontaneity is key. Pollocks as a title is my attempt at humour.

Art is often ridiculed for the absurd pretentiousness of some modern techniques. I enjoyed a canvas at the Serpentine Gallery a long time ago that had been painted white and then had turpentine thrown at it to reveal its colours, as if this process had some kind of aesthetic magic to it. I had to read the blurb beside the painting to see the point of the image, which was a  bit bland.

In searching for ‘vomit’ online, as I had used that verb to indicate words spewed onto the page, I came across an artist who does indeed vomit paint to create her works. Millie Brown has created some pleasant scatter paintings using this technique, but I think it’s more about the performance than the outcome. Here’s a link for the vomit art curious – Millie Brown.

Is it too much of a stretch to connect the latest fashion for populism to vomit art? Words spewed out by politicians with the intention of shocking and no real commitment to their meaning…let’s build a wall and make them pay for it, I’d bomb the shit out of them – classic vomit speech.







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