Flogging a Dead Horse

Donald Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich Drumpf,  was an enterprising individual who knew a good thing when he saw it. In 1885 he emigrated from Germany to New York aged 16. At 22 he headed West and grabbed opportunities along the Klondike trail during the Gold Rush.

The notorious Dead Horse Trail may well have been the source of fresh meat served up to weary prospectors at Frederick Trump’s New Arctic Restaurant and Hotel. in the boom town of Bennett.

A naturalized citizen of the U.S. with a new name, Frederick had made his fortune and wanted to return to live in his home town,  Kallstadt. Having given up his German citizenship, and not having done his military service, he was denied residency rights in his native country.

He returned to New York and settled in Queens with his wife, Elizabeth Christ a childhood friend from Kallstadt. They had  a son, Fred, who went on to be a successful property developer. Frederick fell victim to Spanish Flu and died of pneumonia in 1918.



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