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I do the odd MOOC to jolt the grey matter out of my ennui. That is the sort of sentence you might read along with the hundreds of pithy remarks people feel the need to share online.

Perhaps I should be more charitable, but as someone who is looking for affirmation that good writing has not disappeared, it is sad to read wasted words or irritating sentences in the Comments posted on every MOOC I have done so far.

It deters me from posting my own comment because there is most likely someone out there who would find my stuff just as irritating.

Hints to get you started writing was a useful exercise. Emma said that… got me writing “Emma said that she loved him as a joke. Thirty years later she didn’t find it so funny. The way he slurped his tea didn’t sound like provocation, but murder was not far from her thoughts that morning.”

Me and my fellow MOOCers are asked to write no more than 500 words in this week’s exercise. I will post my efforts on a separate page for the resolute reader of tripe.



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