Disney’s ‘Gay Moment’


Yellow Ranger

There are strange forces at work in the world. In Russia, the Minister for Sport wants to  organise football hooliganism as a spectator sport, a Dutch presidential candidate wants to ban the Koran and Disney has produced a Power Ranger film with a Yellow Ranger, Trini who is trying to figure out her sexuality.

My own preference, which may or not be of interest to you, is for tolerance and liberalism. This is taking a bit of a battering at the moment by so called ‘populism’ and so called politicians. The spread of alternative facts in fake news gives the impression that politicians have a legitimate right to make stuff up.

If voters can be hoodwinked, misled and whipped into a frenzy by celebrity liars, how can we expect people to make well-informed choices?

What we need are paragons of virtue who can restore some sanity to the world – Go Power Rangers!


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