The Joy of Outdoors

Belfast was warm on May Day this year. Our back yard is a bit of a suntrap and a good place for a barbecue, being somewhat sheltered by the neighbour’s two storey extension.

Our kettle style BBQ is falling apart after a couple of winters left outside to rust. But it still works. The chicken thighs, burgers, peppers and corn cobs were served with a chickpea salad and potato salad. The lager and cava were chilled, the ale wasn’t. Tablecloth and napkins made the setting complete.

Our youngest had creatively transformed a bunk bed that was taking up space in our cluttered garage into two garden benches and a low table. The all-in-one BBQ bag settled down into very hot silver charcoal after about 20 minutes. I won’t bore you with all the details but I recommend the sandwich griller thing that allows you to turn meat over in one fell swoop.

meat grill


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