The Creative Urge

Within each of us their lurks an irrepressible driving force to create. Whether it is the desire to: paint, draw, write, sculpt, concoct recipes and cocktails, formulate chemical combinations, devise mathematical constructs or fabricate personal adornments; it is an essential part of what makes us human beings.

Having missed out on the Cathedral Quarter’s Arts Festival this year by leaving it too late to book anything, I was determined to find something of interest in the Open Learning Spring 2017 list of short courses. So it is that I have enrolled on the watercolour painting classes given by renowned artist, Chris Dearden.

view from bridge over Thames at Bankside

I bought a boxed set of paints, brushes and other bits and bobs as well as a sketchpad. Students are asked to bring in a landscape photograph to work off, and I have chosen a panoramic shot taken from the pedestrian bridge overlooking the Thames at Bankside. It is a bit fiddly with lots of old and new buildings such as the Globe theatre, Tower bridge, Canon Street station and so on, but I think it meets the brief. I have started to make a preliminary drawing, and will have to be more careful about scale and perspective.

I was drawing away in McHugh’s bar yesterday when my food arrived on a slate; and a very tasty ploughman’s it was. The salad spread out over the table, and the couple of pints of Maggie’s Leap helped me not mind too much. A woman from Newry poked me to ask if my food was any good, and a young couple from the South, on the other side of me, were easy to engage in Ā conversation. All in all a pleasant Saturday afternoon.


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