Mysterious Clunking Noise

Last week there was a strange clunking noise coming from the rear axle on my new second-hand bike. I sprayed WD40 all over the axle and booked a slot with Austin’s bicycle workshop to have it checked out.

Needless to say, when riding the bike in to work this morning it made no strange noises at all. I might ask them to check the bearings, tighten up the brakes and quote for new tyres though. The big tyres would be great for mountains, but not so suitable for roads. They’re too bouncy.

I thought my wife would be able to buy a new bike using a Cycle to Work scheme that takes monthly payments from your salary. Apparently, her employer is not signed up to the scheme. Why not? you might well ask…too many cars clogging up roads, polluting the air and causing fatal accidents. Most commuting car drivers are travelling at about 7 mph for a journey of less than 5 miles.



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