Canole heaven

I have just done a bit of Sainsbury’s shopping and popped over the road to Sopratutto for coffee and canole.

Fresh canole in four flavours: pistachio,coffee,Nutella and something else. Crisp pastry with a delicious filling. A proper cappuccino and wi-fi…what more does a man about town need?



I celebrated the Yule with my favourite Welshman this afternoon.

We picked our pints with care…his a Shipyard IPA from America, mine a Thatcher’s cider.  The conversation flowed and then we headed for Botanic. Boojum does tasty burritos…the Hatfield served good Guinness which we drank next to an open fire. A brisk walk to the District and espressos came in dinky pale blue cups.

district coffee and cake

Oh, the joys of conversation and slurping with a soul buddy. Much quality nonsense was talked as well as the artistic observations of two aspiring middle-class Anglo-Celts.

The departure to go our separate ways was toasted with Irish Whisky in the Pavillion where we had hoped to bump into our mutual friend DC, but it was not to be


To stuff the bird or not? This Christmas we are not faced with that dilemma. The Tesco frozen turkey crown will be accompanied by stuffing on the side.

Decorum will be observed in the choice of serving vessels. In years past a dreadful faux pas caused a bit of a stir with the mater when a roasting tray was brought to the dining table!

glazed gammon

Glazing the gammon may well be accomplished with ginger syrup for a change. Honey is easier to get hold of on Belfast, but the home counties of England has shops aplenty pandering to the varied tastes of the cosmopolitan bon viveur.

Miscreant unrepentant

After driving around in a taxi for over an hour and a half, our taxi driver approached a police officer to assist in the search for our son, the miscreant.

So it was that at about 5am he returned to the family home and started to give off about how he is a man and we should not have interfered in his carousing into the small hours without contacting us, or telling us beforehand that he was going walkabout.

The joys of the prodigal son returning home safe and sound…no.

Miscreant goes awol

It’s 23:00 on a school night and I’m searching for the miscreant in the city centre bars. 

I thought optimistically that he would be in his usual haunts down town. No such luck.

Not answering his mobile, not replying to text messages…same old bollocks.


Cosmopolitan Belfast has many restaurants and cafes offering anything from the delights of Katmandu to the haute cuisine of a basement restaurant called la Bastille.

Cheap food is rarely delicious, but whilst waiting for a bus I popped into Arabesque, opposite one of Belfast’s best bars, Lavery’s. For £3 I came away with 3 sweet pastry items and 3 Falafel goodies.