random thoughts


Latest MOOC – An Introduction to Screenwriting – University of East Anglia.


Eating crap and guzzling wine…blood sugar diet?


Erich Fromm – well worth looking at his ideas. Greed will never give you enough, but it is possible to be the person you strive to be.

Or just adopt a more stoic approach – mental imperturbability in the face of pressure. Montaigne admired those who could maintain their equanimity no matter what (ataraxia).

Emmanuel Kant’s views on universal laws are interesting. He advocated the view that an ethical rule must apply universally for all time. Self examination might reveal our bias.

The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists is a novel by Robert Tressell first published in 1914 after his death in 1911. An explicitly political work, it is widely regarded as a classic of working-class literature. (Wikipedia). Painter decorator’s famous work hailed after his death…I must find a copy.





Donna Tartt’s The Goldcrest is a good read and a hefty tome.


Persistent cough and expanding waistline.


Cycling to and from work – about 5 miles a day.




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