random thoughts


Latest MOOCs – Genealogy – University of Strathclyde

I am now using a trial version of findmypast.co.uk which is a useful tool when preparing a family tree.


No booze, smaller portions…blood sugar diet? Not a hope! Must get some willpower.


Erich Fromm – well worth looking at his ideas. Greed will never give you enough, but it is possible to be the person you strive to be.

Or just adopt a more stoic approach – mental imperturbability in the face of pressure. Montaigne admired those who could maintain their equanimity no matter what (ataraxia).


Writing:     blogging.

Reading:    picked up a James Elroy Clandestine from the library

Health:       poor – not managing my lifestyle excesses. Gym – a couple of times recently (ask my back).

Exercise:    Got a new bike – yippee!




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