Clean Thursday

Easter is upon us and there are various customs and traditions associated with this religious festival. There is the welcome end to Lent’s fasting with gastronomic delights such as Simnel cake and hot cross buns.

easter parade

Clean Thursday is a Russian tradition to prepare the house for the Easter festivities with a spring clean. For some there is a midnight mass on Saturday that ushers in the Easter festivities. Children forced to stay up until the small hours may be too exhausted to stuff their faces with chocolate eggs or just give their parents a lie in for a change.

Good Friday or the day to commemorate the execution of Jesus is a sombre occasion, or a day off work depending on your beliefs. On the the third day, Sunday, the resurrection is celebrated. Conquering death is fundamental to Christian belief and is the bedrock of many faiths. Valhalla, Nirvana, call it what you will, eternity beckons.

Heathens like myself have difficulty believing in an afterlife or the supernatural. Resurrection for us non-believers has no appeal except in zombie movies.  But like Christmas, we are not going to spoil the party..