Biscuits by Mary Berry

Baking biscuits this morning proved harder than it should have been if I had used the precise ingredients specified by Mary Berry. Caster sugar might have been easier┬áto work with. Instead, my lump of sugar and flour and nuts held together with a beaten egg was rolled in foil, put in the fridge and emerged 8 hours later much the same as it went in – a gooey mess.

Next time I will not be using soft brown sugar. The 10 minutes baking time had to be extended to half an hour, and the biscuits flipped to avoid soggy bottoms. Cutting the goo into thin slices was impossible, so I made a mixture of small and large blobs squashed into shape.

The smell from the kitchen is gorgeous. I might have to make more coffee to accompany Mary’s biscuits. ‘Fridge biscuits’…not much of a name is it? What about Sugar Nuts?