The odd ode or two


Drink can dull the pain awhile,

Until you face the dawn;

With thumping head and brutal thoughts

You wish that you weren’t born.

But then when Clarity seeps in, and Reason says to follow

You take that step and realise tomorrow is tomorrow.


Dancing in the Waves
A hazy blue funk had swallowed me whole
I couldn’t get back, if that was my goal
But just as I sank deep into the mire
A feeling engulfed me and raged like a fire
You crashed my heart with all of your passion
Reviving my spirits in similar fashion
We danced in the waves of our heightened emotion
Adoring each other with growing devotion
Our life together an ocean so vast
Time had no meaning until it was past
And now we live on in the minds of our friends
Our story continues, our love never ends.

what-freedom-by-repin[What Freedom! painted  by Ilya Repin in 1903]


I came to conquer England with my poverty and hope

Washed up on this foreign beach I crawled the slippery slope

Took refuge in a shelter, and waited for the dawn.

I stepped into an English day and on the wall was drawn

The symbol of the xenophobe and Nazi fascist scum,

A swastika for simpletons who march with angry drum

To drown the voice of sanity, humanity and reason,

Asserting that when right has might

It’s migrant hunting season.


Too late

I suppose you consider the matter so grave

There’s nothing to do and no life to save

This person who loved and was loved for his deeds

Rarely admitted his wants or his needs

Yet now when his need is merely to live

That chance has gone and not yours to give.



I thought it was ineffable

Because I couldn’t find the word

Except that one – ineffable

But that would be absurd

The awesomeness of beauty on a scale that makes you weep

Or nightmares in the darkness that keep you from your sleep

Or a sensory experience that you haven’t processed yet

Scraps you noted down in case you ever should forget

Then I hammered on the keyboard with my writing in full flow

But when I read it back again the words just had to go

The empty, tragic whiteness then shouted from the page

Give up your feeble writing, climb off the verbal stage!

So I did



I long to grip you by the neck
And press you to my lips
That’s how I drink my bottled beer
With lusty little sips
And if I crave some further joy
I’ll spread those legs with care
Before I lower
All of me
Inside the folding chair
Where I will bathe my naked limbs
With warming summer sun
And often languish drowsily
Until the day is done

No rhyme

Will we hang her by the neck; will we stone her until dead?
An adulteress and apostate who chose the harlot’s bed
Let’s wait until her child is born before we use the lash
Don’t talk about corruption and the Presidential stash
We need some propaganda, a distraction from the truth –
The slaughter of the innocent and abduction of our youth
To be martyred in a Jihad and receive a nation’s thanks.
Let’s siphon off the money to feed the Western banks
So take that pregnant woman and whip her skin to shreds
We’ll say that it’s Islamic and rest easy in our beds.

Burkes in Mercs

Somewhere along life’s bumpy road
You’ll see a flash of metal
A cyclist flees the danger zone
As fast as she can pedal
Pursued by diesel belching tanks
With tinted glass and fog lights
Battle prepped these four by fours
Relish urban dog fights
And roar their right to rule the road
They never give up ground
Cocooned inside their vehicles
With quadraphonic sound
God help you if you cross their path
Without the least protection
They’ll cut you down
And leave the town
By motorway connection

romaine lettuce

Ode to a salad

Lettuce lovely as the dew
I pen these words – they’re just for you
Not the iceberg, tight and mean
But Romany and crystal green
A sparkling beauty on my plate
I think of you and salivate

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